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Added benefits

As well as making it quick and easy to send out and monitor email marketing campaigns, AuraMailer offers the following benefits:

  1. 1Content

    At AuraMailer we have professional writers on hand who can help you get the text as concise and punchy as possible. They'll also help you decide on the best possible subject line to maximise 'open rates' (the number of people who actually read the email).

  2. 2Design

    The AuraMailer design and development team will create an attractive layout in keeping with your brand. There are many email applications out there (Outlook, Entourage, Lotus Notes and more), and it's important that your email can be viewed on all of them. The AuraMailer coders are experts at getting this right.

  3. 3Delivery

    We have a specialised network of mail servers - our mail servers optimise email delivery for each particular recipient's mail systems, throttling the speed of delivery to match acceptable levels for each system.

  1. 4Connections

    We have relationships with major ISPs like AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo! and many more, meaning that our mail servers are recognised as legitimate senders of bulk email, so your campaigns have a much greater chance of being delivered and not blocked as spam. We also check regularly to see that our email servers aren't being blacklisted - something which is time-consuming and complex to do for your own servers.

  2. 5Security

    Your valuable subscriber information and campaign details are kept safe in our data centres. With biometric security, uninterruptible power supplies and environmental control units, our physical security and reliability is state of the art. Even if one of our disks or servers fails, nothing will be lost and the system will stay up.

  3. 6Up-to-date

    Every month we're adding features and making updates to make AuraMailer do more - in less time.