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  • Q. How large can my address books be? How many campaigns can I create?

    You can create as many campaigns as you want, and send them to as many people as you like. Some users have thousands of email addresses. Others have a hundred. There are no ‘upgrade costs’ for extra storage etc.

  • Q. Can I send from my own email address?

    Yes, AuraMailer can be set to send from any address at ‘yourdomain.co.uk’.

  • Q. How do people unsubscribe?

    This happens automatically. Users who click the ‘unsubscribe’ link in your email are taken to a web page that asks them to confirm that they want to opt-out. Following this they’ll automatically be removed from the relevant list. You can easily export a list of unsubscribers from AuraMailer to help you manage any offline lists you have – this will export in a format of your choice. AuraMailer won’t re-upload any names that have previously unsubscribed to a list – but you should always take care to delete them from your own records if you’re keeping separate information locally.

  • Q. Can I add attachments, embed scripting etc?

    No, as this will lead to a large proportion of your emails being blocked by spam filters and anti-virus software. Instead of an attachment, upload a document to a page on your website and place a link to it on your email. That way your recipients can choose whether to download it or not – and you’ll also get a report on exactly who has done this.

  • Q. How does AuraMailer stop my email being blocked as spam?

    Spam filters generally work on a ‘points’ system. Before every mailing, your e-mailer passes through a spam filter check to ensure that the point score is lower than the spam threshold.

    We have working relationships with all the large email providers (AOL, Hotmail etc). We also take great care to conform to their best practice guidelines and technical specifications. AuraMailer emails ‘announce themselves’ as such, and are fully traceable back to our servers. One of the characteristics of less reputable mailing software is that it tries to disguise its origin. We also take great care to ‘vet’ our clients in order to weed out those who might be sending spam email – this protects you from being tarred by association.

  • Q. I have been offered an overseas service. Why should I choose a UK-based provider like AuraMailer?

    The email marketing ‘culture’ in the UK is tighter and more professional, with an emphasis on targeting emails to those who have opted-in to receive them. The vast majority of spam emails originate from providers in the USA. This gives us two advantages – we don’t have a problem with our servers being ‘blacklisted’ by Internet Service Providers and we are geared up to provide 100% delivery, rather than expecting many emails to be rejected. UK companies also have to abide by the Data Protection Act.